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We are LuxRally, a private Membership only Rally. All members must be referred by an existing member. We reserve the right to refuse a member at any time. In order to attend a Rally you must be a member.

Membership is at no cost, and works on a point system. 

Members earn 1 point for each rally they attend, and 1 point for each sponsorship block they do ($5,000 per point). As you accumulate more points, you are invited to sign-up for rallies earlier and earlier, and at a higher discount. Sponsorship points are earned upon full payment before the Rally. Attendance points are earned upon full payment and completion of the Rally.


All Rallies are limited to 30 cars, unless members vote to expand to have additional cars on that particular rally. No Rally will ever exceed 50 cars even with member vote. Therefore, as Rallies start to sell out, those with more points are likely to be guaranteed a spot.

One exception is founding members who are not banned. Founding Members are those that attended Miami to Mardi Gras in 2018. Those members will always be offered a spot before all newer members.

As a waitlist is formed for a certain Rally, shortcuts are available for participants who cannot get in. One option is buying enough sponsorships to cover the points required to get in an early round for sign-up. For example, if the current threshold of sell out is for those with 4 or more points, a sponsor could pay $20,000 (Receiving 4 Sponsor Points), to get into that Rally. They would then be responsible to pay for the entry fee, and would receive 1 additional point, totaling 5 points. Other than sponsorship, there is no shortcut into LuxRally, and even if the participant is willing to pay for the sponsorship, a member can still be refused, especially if on the ban list.

Existing members can vote a member out of the Rally, with more than 51% of members voting for removal, or if Management agrees.

All LuxRallies are operated on a breakeven basis. Every dime of revenue brought in for a particular Rally is reinvested into the Rally itself. Due to this, our Rally is able to provide experiences unlike any other Rally. In many cases, going on our Rally can save you on average 50% if you booked the same vacation yourself, and up to 500% of what competitors Rallies cost. As such, demand is very high, and we seek to only allow members that we collectively like.

Please note, we do not discriminate on age, sex, sexual orientation, or race. We do discriminate on whether you are a good cultural fit. A cultural fit is defined by the membership and management.


Acceptance is not automatic, and a phone, and in-person interview may be necessary to allow you to sign-up.

If you have previously been on a LuxRally before you are automatically a member, unless you have received a permanent ban. If you have received a ban, an existing member may plead your case at their discretion. If you are not sure if you are on the ban list, you most likely are, but feel free to fill out the form below.

If you would like to apply, please submit the form below, and we will get back to you. If you do not have a referral put none in the column, and we will do our best to match you with a member.


We will be in touch shortly.

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